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There are many Weight Loss Tips but these tips are not suitable for everyone, we select some of the important and regular used or herbal weight loss tips for you. Weight loss diet, weight loss tips are very important to reduce your weight when you want to reduce your weight you aware some tips first

weight-loss-tips-new* Firstly your age (Age group) Male & female
* your current weight
* your diet daily diet
* your habits
* your height
then your health expert examine and suggest you how to loss your weight or loose your weight, use vegetable daily basis especially the green vegetables and avoid sugar in all your diet, use green tea without sugar on daily basis.

weight loss new

Weight loss tips or how to reduce your weight or How to lose weight? are the basic question which any visitor search on Internet. There are some Special diet plan for lose or loss weight
called weight loss diet.
* Green Tea is the major diet for Weight Loss, if you think that we are over weight then use green tea without sugar, Green Tea for Weight Loss.

* Green Vegetables for weight loss: All major green vegetables are second main weight loss diet fror those who want to reduce their weight.

* Exercise is also an important part for weight loss and walking up-to 2-3 km per day reduce your weight along-with the diet plan as mentioned above.

* Sugar in all the diets is also main hurdle in weight loss tips  avoid sugar in tea, green tea. coffee, and all other daily use eat able things.

We update weight loss diet, weight loss tips in Urdu, weight loss diet in Urdu and some important issues in English as well to understand the other user or visitor easily.

People are searching and browsing and find weight loss tips these weight loss tips & totkay even in Urdu and English are available on almost all the websites and weight loss totkay in urdu and its extreme weight loss tips and fast weight loss tips, you can find natural weight loss tips including healthy weight loss tips and ideal weight not only for women even weight loss tips for men and young kids those who have a heavy weight we are providing weight loss tips in urdu and hindi and its proper weight loss diet for all those who want to loss their weight immediately.
There are many herbal and natural weight loss diet and its weight loss diet chart, some indian weight loss diet and its weight loss exercises weight loss diet menu There are many easy tips in vegetables and vegetarian weight loss diet plan to its weight loss diet plan and detox weight loss diet for all those who want to reduce their weight with out any medicine they can use green vegetable for reduce their weight just in few weeks not in months.

65 Responses to Weight Loss

  1. touseef says:

    My age is 33 my weight is //80 and my hight is 5,4 plz give mr diet plane for weigh loss quickly because my wedding is September

    • A khan says:

      Kale zeroing. ,lakh Dana 50.50g, kalonge 50. , ajwaen 50. , see lake. , kerb know pay 50.g. In so km pass kr nehar nashty sy pehly ek chance khayn.

  2. touseef says:

    Plz give me diet plane for suitable for me age 33 weight 80 and hight 5,4

  3. touseef says:

    My age is 33 my weight is //80 and my hight is 5,4 plz give mr diet plane for weigh loss quickly because my wedding is September plz plz email me quickly

  4. Rubina says:

    my age is 26..weight is 74 nd hight is 5’1 plz tell me da beter diet plan for me

    • admin says:

      In Breakfast take one boiled egg with brown bread even you can add margarine
      lunch and dinner with vegetable soup, with one piece of chicken with brown roti, use olive oil even you can use garlic, salt, pepper and ginger as well

    • mahboob says:

      Just start exercise 1st nothing wiļl happen without it bcz with only diet plans u can reduce wait but then u wiĺl face the problem of loose skin and weakness of muscles and especialy ur figur will be dameged so exercises are the must n important tools for reducing wait with maintenance of current body figure.

  5. huri khan says:

    My age is 18 nd my weight is 74 plz tel me a tea or any diet . . Plz

  6. sajid says:

    I am 28 height is 6′ weight is 97kgs
    I am working as officer but my daily walk is nearly 2 kms
    Give me tips

  7. noor says:

    aoa..my age is 29 height is 5.5 and weight 95 plz help me to reduce my weight

  8. alia says:

    my age is 20 my wieght 80 kindly teel me k main apna weight kasy kam karon reply fast plzzz

  9. sadaf says:

    My age 32 Years and height 5.2 And wieght 70 plz give me diet plan

  10. sahar says:

    Take one ouns and add a pinch of citric acid (tatri) after every meal it will help u 2 reduce weight

  11. saba says:

    mera wazan bht zyda ha plz weigh tloss tips btaen jaldi bht easy ho ghar mn jo ho ske age 18 years

  12. hina says:

    Em 20.year old my w8 is 55 plz tell me tips for w8 lossless

  13. nimra says:

    I am 20 year old Mera w8 55 hy Mjy plz one week ma wzn kam krny ka tariqa btay

    • admin says:

      Very simple just use
      * Green Tea and Green Vegetables ka Istamal, sugar ka Istmal kam karan and Exercise and walk sa wzn kam ho ga but it take 3-6 weeks.

  14. sara says:

    mera weight bhtt zdaa hy please kch btyn age hy 17 r weighy hy 65 please kch btyn k mra weight loss ho jy… but easy…

  15. Fatima says:

    My weight is 72, height 5 3″ and age age is 26. Weight is rapidly increase after second baby. Plz suggest me some diet plan which must b effective

  16. Roofia Mubashir says:

    I’m 15 years old and my weight is 63 KGS ..My height is 5.3….give me some easy tips so that I can use that while in busy school and studies!!

  17. zeeshan khattak says:

    My age is 15 years old and my height is 5.6 and my weight is 52 i want lose my weight 4 kgs how to lose

  18. iqra says:

    Aoa.. age 16-17 weight 95 .. plzzz tel me easy weight lose tipss plzzz i m vry sad.. 🙁

  19. rauf khalid says:

    Meri age 23 year ha or height 5.5 ha or weight 65 kg ma apna weight kam krna chahta ho please give me a diet plam

  20. pari says:

    Salam mz age 18 my heigHt 5 .3 weigHt 86 gIve dEit plane plz

  21. varisha says:

    A.O.A mre age 18 ha mn apna wzn kase kam kro specially arms ka plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me…………

    • admin says:

      At the age of 18 your can easily reduce your weight and maintain your weight as per your age Just follow this link
      Note: You must take arm exercises at morning and evening regularly it will definable reduce your weight and slim your body instantly
      After success in reducing weight the share these tips your friends

  22. ayesha khan says:

    my age is 19 and i have 90 kg weight and i m 5 feet and seven inches high plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me tips to lose weight rapidly plz

  23. Assalam o alaikum meri age 19 hai aur weight 52 kg hai height 5.1 ha plz tell me how can i reduce my weight as soon as possible i wanna 45kg weight plz give me ans:-)

  24. Hina says:

    my height 5/1 age 24 and weight is 60 and increasing day by day please tell me some diet plan my job is all day sitting on chair that is why m getting fat day by day

    • admin says:

      Just take theses steps
      Use daily upto 3 cups Green tea without sugar, Green Tea for Weight Loss.
      Green Vegetables and use fruits at day time, no lunch, avoid sugar, cold drinks, farm chickens and walk/exercise at daily basis

  25. Saba says:

    My weight is 97 n age is 23 hi8 is 5.1… ppz guide me how to lose weight….

  26. Haseeb valam says:

    My name is haseeb valam my weight is 66 and my age is 17 and my height is 5’6
    What to do fir weight loss easily and gain height

  27. Arfa Ali says:

    As above tips and trick to losing weight for women is good really impressive but I’m currently Set all these goals.
    1. Avoid sugar
    2. Move your body
    3. Eat more small meals, fewer large meals
    4. Drink water first thing in the morning
    5. Eat all the vegetables you can
    6. Use the imported fat burner

  28. Samina from quetta says:

    Asslam o elekum my age is 33 hight 5.4 waight 70 kg plz give me a fast tip main apna waight tezi se loss krna chati hn msin bht tense hn plz plz guide me properly

  29. Samina from quetta says:

    Plz give me a proper diet plan….i will b thankfull to you

  30. aayatkhan says:

    assalam alaikum mera naam aayatkhan ha,mai 22 age hai meri koi ache se plan bata mjhe plz 1month and ekdum easy wala,mera weight 65 hai

  31. sajo says:

    Aoa age 26 height 5 4 and weight 81kg plz koi diet plan bta dai

  32. Noor shehzadi says:

    Asslam o Alaikum my age is 17 and my weight is gaining day by day actully first i was ok coz i lived in hostle so my weight was literally but Now m living at home and cant control myself to eat thats a main reazn i cannot stop myself and Now my weight is lyk 70 smthng what should i do ????

  33. Adnan says:

    Hi admin!
    i’m Adnan from FSD,
    plz advice me waight lose plan and deit plan
    currently my weight is 107, my age 27,height 5.8″
    waiting your kind responsed.

    • admin says:

      Avoid all type of junk food, cola drink and sugar,
      As per your age in breakfast 1 boiled egg with brown bread, lunch and dinner with vegetable soup, oly 1 piece of chicken with brown roti,
      use olive oil in cooking & extra virgin olive oil in salads, Take green tea with sugar twice in a day…

  34. zain says:

    A.o.a my age is 27, height is 5,9″ and my weight is 88 kg.please give me proper diet plane.thanx alote
    Egineer zain

  35. zain says:

    A.o.a my age is 27, height is 5,9″ and my weight is 88 kg.please give me proper diet plane.thanx alote

    Egineer zain

  36. sumaya says:

    My age is 22 and my weight is 56 kg and height Is 5.5 can u tell me this weight is best or not? Also I want flat tummy how is it possible plz give me tips

  37. Noor sardar says:

    AOA …my age is just 17 and my weight is about 60kg so plzzzz advice me what should I do 🙂 🙂

    • admin says:

      Exercise/walk is must at least 1 hour daily, Green Tea and Green Vegetables and use fruits at day time, avoid junk food, avoid sugar and cold drinks.

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