Beauty Tips | Urdu Totkay for White hair

Beauty Tips for White hair or Urdu Totkay for White hair: White hair is a main problem now-a-days even youth, early whiting of hair is also very common and all men and women are very conscious about white hair. Desi Urdu Totka: Make a mixture of Sakai, Dall Mash and mathi, and wash your hair with this and your early age hair whiting will be stopped and your hair are more strong.

beauty tips for white hairsSecondly an Almond oil and sesame seed will also reduce and even stop hair whiting, just mix these two ingredients and paste on your hair upto 15 minutes and wash after 15 minutes after few days your hair will be converted to black and strong, There are many other white hair remedies, you must remove dandruff on your hair just take 4 spoon yogurt and egg white and oil will also reduce hair whiting, and grow new hairs and strong.urdu-totkay-beauty-tips-for-white-hairs
Beauty tips for white hair, urdu totkay for white hair and desi totkay for white hair and there are the white hair and beauty company
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beauty tips for white teeth, beauty tips to become white hair to black, question are why are the tips of my hair white its very simple just follow above steps and tips of hair turning white in few days


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