weight n height chart in Urdu

weight n height in UrduUrdu Totkay provide you weight and  height chart in Urdu and in Kilograms (KG) Different researches prove that a normal man or women mush have height and weight as per chart

Height and  Weight For Women /Female
5’x 4″ = 52-60 KG
5’x 5″ = 54-62 KG
5’x 6″ = 55-65 KG
5’x 7″ = 56-70 KG
5’x 8″ = 57-72 KG
5’x 9″ = 59-75 KG
5’x 10″ = 61-78 KG
5’x 11″ = 63-80 KG
6’x 00″ = 65-72 KG

Note: Add and minus +- 2-3 KG is ok, This chart is just for information fro those you want to know about their weight and height and conscious for their weight n height.

Height and Weight For Men
5’x 4″ = 53-65 KG
5’x 5″ = 55-68 KG
5’x 6″ = 58-70 KG
5’x 7″ = 60-74 KG
5’x 8″ = 63-76 KG
5’x 9″ = 65-80 KG
5’x 10″ = 67-80 KG
5’x 11″ = 70-85 KG
6’x 00″ = 72-89 KG

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