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Sugar main Cause of Fatness in Urdu

Avoid Sugar because it is main cause of different diseases like cancer, heart diseases and stroke, In a latest research main cause of fatness and those who ate gaining weight must immediately avoid or stop eating sugar in your daily life.

Most the people think that oil or oily diet are the main cause but the sugar is no one cause of fatness. Sugar is also known as a white poison.

 When you are eating then prefer salads, vegetable, and vegetable  dishes, meats and seafood, take brown rice instead of white rice in your daily life and take almost twelve (12-14) glass water per day in your daily life. Exercise is must and 20-30 minutes walk every day to avoid fatness in your life.

Ghutno ka Dard Ka Ilaj

Ghutno ka Dard Ka Ilaj, Knee Pain is very common in entire world especially in Asian countries, People find out how to reduce the pain quickly, the main cause of knee pain is a sudden injury, an overuse injury, which is commonly known as arthritis. the treatment will vary on the cause how ever we provide a general relief of the knee treatment. Mostly knee injury includes  pain and  swelling. People search and want to ghutno ki kamzori ka ilaj, knee pain ka desi ilaj, ghutne ke dard ka ilaj in urdu, or joru ka dard ka ilaj in urdu

We provide simple and effective relief of knee pain without any side effects

Just take a spoon of seed of Lady Finger which is very effective for relief of all types of knee pain, use this totka for instant pain relief.

Bhindi Tori or Lady Finger Our Beej,Seed Se Sozaaq Ka Asaan Elaaj Desi Totka

Thyme Tea for cellulite

Thyme Tea for cellulite: How to control cellulite, (Charbi Khattam Karnay Ka Traqa)
Take half lemon, with black tea, tham 1 spoon, honey one spoon, balck zeera, long, big Alaychi
Take upto 3-4 weeks and you will be smart.

Thyme Tea for cellulite

carrot seed oil for cellulite, essential oils for cellulite recipes, Gotu Kola and its essential oils for cellulite reviews, Grapefruit is also very important fruit to overcome cellulite and it have essential oil cellulite recipe, People search how to make anti cellulite oil at home, remedies and anti cellulite oil ingredients and best essential oils for cellulite and important oils for cellulite reduction

weight n height chart in Urdu

weight n height in UrduUrdu Totkay provide you weight and  height chart in Urdu and in Kilograms (KG) Different researches prove that a normal man or women mush have height and weight as per chart

Height and  Weight For Women /Female
5’x 4″ = 52-60 KG
5’x 5″ = 54-62 KG
5’x 6″ = 55-65 KG
5’x 7″ = 56-70 KG
5’x 8″ = 57-72 KG
5’x 9″ = 59-75 KG
5’x 10″ = 61-78 KG
5’x 11″ = 63-80 KG
6’x 00″ = 65-72 KG

Note: Add and minus +- 2-3 KG is ok, This chart is just for information fro those you want to know about their weight and height and conscious for their weight n height.

Height and Weight For Men
5’x 4″ = 53-65 KG
5’x 5″ = 55-68 KG
5’x 6″ = 58-70 KG
5’x 7″ = 60-74 KG
5’x 8″ = 63-76 KG
5’x 9″ = 65-80 KG
5’x 10″ = 67-80 KG
5’x 11″ = 70-85 KG
6’x 00″ = 72-89 KG

weight loss easy tips in urdu

There are many weight loss tips, weight loss tips in Urdu and Hindi, People want fast weight loss tips,natural weight loss tips, easy weight loss tips, weight loss foods, extreme weight loss tips, just in week or even in a days, epecially the youth and teenager they search  weight loss tips for teens.
Weight Loss tips are also search by men those who wnat to reduce their weight fast and quickly within days , they search as weight loss tips for men, weight loss tips in Urdu by dr khurram, weight loss tips in urdu by zubaida tariq, weight loss exercises in Urdu, and quick weight loss tips in Urdu, health tips in Urdu, weight loss diet chart, weight loss exercises, weight loss tips in urdu video But all these things will be possible when you have a proper diet plan and exact charts as per your age and weight. So before using any tips are herbal or homemade tips you must a deep eye on your age, your weight and height as well.

Weight Loss

There are many Weight Loss Tips but these tips are not suitable for everyone, we select some of the important and regular used or herbal weight loss tips for you. Weight loss diet, weight loss tips are very important to reduce your weight when you want to reduce your weight you aware some tips first

weight-loss-tips-new* Firstly your age (Age group) Male & female
* your current weight
* your diet daily diet
* your habits
* your height
then your health expert examine and suggest you how to loss your weight or loose your weight, use vegetable daily basis especially the green vegetables and avoid sugar in all your diet, use green tea without sugar on daily basis.

weight loss new

Weight loss tips or how to reduce your weight or How to lose weight? are the basic question which any visitor search on Internet. There are some Special diet plan for lose or loss weight
called weight loss diet.
* Green Tea is the major diet for Weight Loss, if you think that we are over weight then use green tea without sugar, Green Tea for Weight Loss.

* Green Vegetables for weight loss: All major green vegetables are second main weight loss diet fror those who want to reduce their weight.

* Exercise is also an important part for weight loss and walking up-to 2-3 km per day reduce your weight along-with the diet plan as mentioned above.

* Sugar in all the diets is also main hurdle in weight loss tips  avoid sugar in tea, green tea. coffee, and all other daily use eat able things.

We update weight loss diet, weight loss tips in Urdu, weight loss diet in Urdu and some important issues in English as well to understand the other user or visitor easily.

People are searching and browsing and find weight loss tips these weight loss tips & totkay even in Urdu and English are available on almost all the websites and weight loss totkay in urdu and its extreme weight loss tips and fast weight loss tips, you can find natural weight loss tips including healthy weight loss tips and ideal weight not only for women even weight loss tips for men and young kids those who have a heavy weight we are providing weight loss tips in urdu and hindi and its proper weight loss diet for all those who want to loss their weight immediately.
There are many herbal and natural weight loss diet and its weight loss diet chart, some indian weight loss diet and its weight loss exercises weight loss diet menu There are many easy tips in vegetables and vegetarian weight loss diet plan to its weight loss diet plan and detox weight loss diet for all those who want to reduce their weight with out any medicine they can use green vegetable for reduce their weight just in few weeks not in months.