Skin Care Tips

Skin Problems: Now a days skin problem is very common both in women and men, everyone want to protect his/her skin. The main reason for skin is that you must protect your skin direct sun light, you must use sun screen cream but be careful that you must select or use a natural or less chemical cream for your skin, because different creams with high chemical ingredients damage your skin, first of all you must contact your skin specialist before using any cream. skincareSecondly there are many Urdu totkay or desi totkay or natural creams for your skin first use these tips or totkay, for you help we also guide you how o protect your skin in Urdu as well as in English. All natural or desi totkay have some lemon juice and glasreen which is a natural protector for your skin especially when you are at work or bazaar.




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Skin Care Tips are very important in winter and summer and these tips or totkay are different in every season. skin care tips for oily skin, dry skin care tips, beauty tips, natural skin care tips, hair care tips, skin care tips for men, make up tips, winter skin care tips, skin care tips for men in urdu,These tips trick and totkay are used in our daily life skin care tips for men in hindi, oily skin care tips in urdu, skin care tips for men at home, skin care tips for men in tamil, skin care tips for men acne, natural skin care tips for men, oily skin care tips for men, face skin care tips for men,

3 Responses to Skin Care Tips

  1. ali says:

    good to c these skin care and beauty tips for man and womens

  2. Naleem imtiaz says:

    Nice to see this informative side plz. add more about skin care and makeup tips or totkay in urdu as well so it can be easily understand for all audience. hope to c very soon..

  3. Nadeem says:

    Skin problem sy bchny kaliy rozana 8 glass pani piyan
    as k alawa rozana thory sy dhood mn lemon ka ras dal kr chery p astamal krin to chera saaf ho jy ga

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