Cold Drinks

Cold drink are commonly used in entire world but these cola drinks are not suitable for all human being, there are many research and informed that these cold drinks are have a lot of diseases. If your children are often drink soft drinks like as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, then you know that these cold drink cause heart disease, diabetes are effected your body. A well known British newspaper “Mail Online” in the UK, GULP-Give up Loving Pop campaign has been launched which aims to attract people to leave the soft drinks.
pepsi-cokeMost of the herbalist and doctors told that avoid cold drink or cola drink and forming chickens they not only suitable for your health and even create un-natural growth they further told that the Government agencies have launched a campaign to help the NHS cola drinks like tobacco addiction took hold of the human being affected the heart, liver and gastrointestinal diseases on one hand and the  Fats (Mutapha) and dental and bone diseases. There are many latest research that the  drinking a cola cans also affect the heart attack.
In almost all the developed countries  Coca-Cola and Pepsi are not accessible in tuck shop for the tourists or visitors

 cold drink

Avoid all types of cold drink, especially cola drinks and use juices and discourage cola drink like coca-cola and pepsi.

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  1. Ejaz Tasneem says:

    Is all of the cold drink are not good for health or only coca-cola and Pepsi are avoided, if other drinks are harmful for health then add these drink in your website so that people have other options

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