Shawarma | Shoarma

Shawarma or Shoarma

Shoarma is an Arabic dish which is also popular in Pakistan and India, people around the globe like

shoarma urdutotkaydotcom1this dish, Its preparation is very easy and people use all things they like lamb, chicken, beef, veal, or mixed meats are used in this dish. Its like a sandwich or wrap made with shawarma meat and easy to serve and eat especialy for guests. In local lanaguage its basically a local or Indain and Pakistani Paratha with chicken vegtibale beef and other meat as per requirement provide Shawarma or Shoarma, shawarma recipe, shawarma recipe in urdu, shawarma recipe by rahat, shawarma recipe in urdu by chef gulzar, shawarma recipe by shireen anwer, how to make shawarma recipe, shawarma recipe this recipe is very easy and easy to cook and serve your guest.

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  1. Sadaf says:

    Add more recipes of food stuff, specially in Urdu as well as in English or add some video too

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