Mole on Face

Mole(Til) تِل on Face: There are two types of Moles, one are permanent and second is temporary and removable, People in entire world especially in Sub-continent have a temporary mole and they want to remove it, these are small and dark cell which are look ugly on face. We update latest in tips and totkay for removal of mole on face vary easily.

mole on faceFirst and easy remedy of mole on face is just paste honey on your face and leave it for about half hour early in the morning and repeat for about 15-20 days and you face is clean and glow with honey
Secondly take some or a half spoon baking soda and mix with castor oil and make a thick paste, which is easy and available in the market, paste on to moles and leave it for few hour or a night after 15-20 days your moles on face are permanently removed without any side effects.
mole face
Thirdly, take apple vinegar and paste on the mole about 1-2 time daily and within 15-20 days as per your skin your mole will be removed and your face is clean and clear.
Mole on face or mole on body are very common not for women even in mole on face of men and all men and women are searching desi totaky and tips and mole on face removal home remedy  Its easy way to mole removal we update mole on face removal in Urdu and English and in Hindi as well, there are some white mole on face but its remedies are same and we update the latest remedies for mole on face.


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