Nazla Zukam ka ilaj in Urdu

Nazlla aur zukaam ka asaan illag (Flu)

Nazla Zukam ka ilaj in Urdu

Aik glass garam pani mai ak chamach sahid

Aur ak chamach adrak ka ras

shamil kr k din mai do bar istemaal Karen

Easy and quick home remedy for flu

One table spoon of honey and one table spoon of ginger juice mix in one glass of warm water and drink it twice or thrice a day.

It is also used for kids but quantity for kids as per their age just half table spoon for five year age or more and twice in a day.
But be aware its just a totka for emergency use only however you must consult for your doctor first.


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  1. Tasneem Gul says:

    Good to see this totka for flu its very easy to use, desi adrak is not available in our city so let me know where to buy this or any option to send me, and natural honey is also same problem…
    keep it up and arrange herbal products for people where desi and herbal products are not available

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