Kasrat e Peshab ka ilaj

Peshab ki kasrat or Kasrat e Peshab ka ilaj
Now almost every home or family is affected in this disease, they search and consult different treatments for this. We have a herbal or desi urdu tokay for you. Its very simple and easy just take dry Shell of Pomegranate (Anar ka chilka) and crush or grind it and take once in a day.

People search bar bar peshab aane ka ilaj in urdu , it also a treatment of masana ki kamzori ka ilaj in urdu, bar bar peshab ana ki waja and its treatments in Urdu.

Anar ka chilka and anar ka chilka k fawaid and its benefits in urdu and anar ke chilke ka totka, benifits or
anar ka chilka ka faida in urdu

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