Urdu Totkay for Cough

There are many Totkay in Urdu for cough, First if you have a dry cough then use honey alongwith black chili and take daily 2 time especially in night, avoid all oily things and fried food.
urdu totkay for cough 1Secondly almond oil with honey will also overcome the cure cough,
Cough for Child: If your child have a cure or cornic cough than use of just few drops of Brandy with honey at night will control cough
Thirdly Green tea with mixture of ginger use three time daily will also prevent from cough.
Tulsi with honey will also reduce the cough, To control your cough there are most used urdu totkay or desi totkay for cough like Methi, Oil, Lemon, Black pepper, Coffee, Mint etc, The most effective totkay are use black pepper with honey and use garlic tea, green tea, even lemon with black pepper also control your cough, Use of Black Coffee is also very effective in cough.

urdu totkay for cough

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