Open Blocked Heart Veins

Open blocked heart veins in urdu, Heart Attack and Blocked Veins: If you and your family member or friend are any disease blocked heart veins, there is one and only solution of this dangerous disease which was prescribed by Moulana Allah Wasaya, this prescription is very easy and simple and affordable

This herbal treatment is opened all odd your blocked heart veins and it will even avoid by-pass surgery which is very expensive and not affordable for majority of the  people around the world.

heartThese five things are easily available in the market, Just take
* One cup of Lemon Juice
* One cup of Ginger Juice
* One cup of Garlic Juice
* One cup of Apple Vinegar
* Three Cups of Honey

Just Mix these four cups of juice, then boil of slow heat when it reduced up-to three cups, when it cooled then mixed three cups of Honey and mixed it well, Take this liquid early morning before taking anything just three tablespoon. INSHALLAH all blocked veins will cleared instantly within few days.

heart urdu totkay

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  1. Iqbal Mughal says:

    This is a best Totka for heart patients, one of my friend have a heart problem and doctors told for surgery he then used it and his 3 blocked veins/walls opened and he is now ok…he bring all these desi herbal things from diffent cities and make it, He is now perfect and his all blocked vein opened with grace of ALLAH……
    So if u r not even a patient or any heart problem so use it and you feel well

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