Balochi Cooking

Balochi Cooking: There are many Balochi dishes where are used in our daily life, One of them are Balochi Leg which is very delicious and mostly used in all countries including India, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and almost all the Europen countries.
Balochi Cooking or Balochi Leg is mostly used in Wedding and other family as well as all the hotels in Sub-continent. The recipe of Balochi Leg cooking is very easy you can read in Urdu as well as in English and Romen Urdu.

First of all Wash & clean the leg of lamb cut it from different angles and added ginger, garlic, youget, oil, red and black chilli, vinegar, as your taste add some salt and mixed all these things well and add this mixture to the lamb and wait till all these masala make a part of the lamb. Some of the people guide that you must wait for about 10 hours and then Cooked the lemb till it colour as redish or brown and add some onion and salad and its ready for present to the guests.

blochi raan

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