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Sugar main Cause of Fatness in Urdu

Avoid Sugar because it is main cause of different diseases like cancer, heart diseases and stroke, In a latest research main cause of fatness and those who ate gaining weight must immediately avoid or stop eating sugar in your daily life.

Most the people think that oil or oily diet are the main cause but the sugar is no one cause of fatness. Sugar is also known as a white poison.

 When you are eating then prefer salads, vegetable, and vegetable  dishes, meats and seafood, take brown rice instead of white rice in your daily life and take almost twelve (12-14) glass water per day in your daily life. Exercise is must and 20-30 minutes walk every day to avoid fatness in your life.

Facial & Blackheads home made Tips

Facial Home made Totkay Tips, There are many tips and totkay for facial but most are very expensive and not affordable for all people, today in this article we provide easy, simple and affordable totkay for facial, with all things which are available in your kitchen.

Just take three spoon tomato juice and add two table spoon milk cream (fresh milk or in pack) which is available in the market, add one table spoon lemon. 

Mix all these items and apply or paste on tour face wait for 10-15 minutes and  wash with normal water, this totka is also remove your blackheads very quickly and your face will glow and shine within few minutes, if you are using this tips for blackheads then apply or use up-to one week you will find beautiful and shine face instantly.