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Gurday Ki Pathri ka Illaj (Kidney stone Removal)

Kidney Stone Removal, gurday ki pathri ka urdu totkay, Its very common and most of the people affected by this disease, basically it started from contaminated water, and junk food, and excess of cold drinks etc. The only solution is use boiled water and avoid any contaminated water in hotel parks or any public places.gurday-ki-parhari-ka-illaj
Desi Takkay in Urdu: Take olive oil, lemon juice and pure honey mixed all these and take one spoon with one cup of water , early in the moring before taking break fast. After usage of just 3-4 weeks your kidney stone will be crushed and drained.

People around the globe search how to remove kidney stone or gurde ki pathri, gurde ki pathri ka desi ilaj in urdu, gurday ki dard ka ilaj, pathri ke liye dua,  gurde ki pathri ka wazifa and its solution and need proper giddiness.   Gurde ki pathri remove karne ka desi tarika and gurday ki dard ka totka or tips of removal of gurday ki parthri and gurday ka dard ka ilaj in urdu

Jaundice Yarkan ka Ilaj in Urdu

UrduTotkay dot com provide Jaundice/Yarkan or Yarqan symptoms and its treatment, its tokay and herbal tips in Urdu

yarkan ki ilajOur team search latest and easy tokay, tips and treatment for you which are easily available in your home or near market.

You must consult your doctor for Hepatitis / Yarkan treatment and ask about tips and tokay you are using.

Here are some easy Tokay and tips in Urdu for you

Just take one (1) Tola Turmeric (Haldi) powder and mixed it with almost 100 gram yogurt (Dai) and take it for few days will reduce the disease very quickly.


In local  language its is alos now as peela or pelia peela yarkan ka ilaj in urdu which are very common in newly born babies.

Kala yarkan and its types and kala yarkan ka desi ilaj, (know as Hepatitis  C) yellow Yarkan, are commonly used in our society.

People around the world also search it on net as  yarkan ka ilaj, yellow yarqan, yarkan ka ilaj tib e nabvi sa, or Quran sa and used these tips and dua as per their elders.

Hepatitis Yarkan ka ilaj

Hepatitis or Yarkan  is a common disease mostly in developing countries where water is contaminated because water is main reason in hepatitis or yarkan.
People around the world need hepatitis or  yarkan ka ilaj and its solution. provides easy and affordable treatment for this disease.  Its treatment are very simple and at the time which things are avoid means yarkan ka parhez, and its hapititus septum’s (yarkan ki alamat) and herbal treatment or kala yarkan ka desi ilaj and yarkan ka ilaj in urdu. There are many Dua for this disease like yarkan ka ilaj tib e nabvi and kala yarkan ka quran main ilaj or  kala yarkan ka ilaj quran se and yarkan ki dua

If you think there is any spiritual man around you then must consult it for Dam or dua for this.

yarkan ka urdutotkaydotcom

Hepatitis (also known as Yarkan) with A-B and C are viral infections which are infected liver and if diagnosed it can be lethal  and no treatment in late stages.Its virus infected  liver and damage  liver cells. So if you and your friends or family members are effected this disease so start your treatment as soon as possible.

Mouth Freshener Tips in Urdu

Tips and Remedies for Mouth Freshener
Most of the people have a mouth freshener problem and avoid discussing or talking to friends and family members, they even used tulsi and other medicated and mouth freshener to avoid mouth smell and loose self-confidence.
The main cause of this bad smell is due to irregularity of your stomach which create a breathing problem and embarrassment when have any meeting with colleagues, friends  and even your family members especially your life partner.urdu totkay dot com  mouth freshener
Urdu Totkay dot com provide easy and affordable solutions for you
Just take few tulsi leaves and eat it or take tusli leave water, this plant is easily available in almost all the nurseries. Niem leaves are also suitable for mouth smell just boil these leaves and mouth

urdu totkay for mouth freshener

These are the Urdu Totkay dot com Tips for bad breath and bad breath home remedies in urdu and its solutions natural bad breath remedies, moun ki badboo door karne k totkay, bad mouth smell in urdu for you


Uric Acid Totkay in Urdu

Uric Acid Totkay: Uric Acid is very common now a days especially in women, people around the globe search totkay for uric acid and its solution, UrduTotkay dot com search and provide best totkay for you


uric acid ki ilaj
This is very easy and simple totka for uric acid, joint pain, high blood pressure, and stomach problem, all these things are easily available in almost all in your daily life.
Read it carefully and when you are satisfied for this totka share it with your dear ones

People likely search it as uric acid treatment in urdu and the diet uric acid control diet in urdu

uric acid diet in Urdu and English, uric acid in urdu language

and uric acid test and its detail like uric acid detail in urdu, its meaning like uric acid meaning in urdu

and uric acid ki alamat in urdu

They have one and only solution i.e this desi totka or tips in Urdu or herbal and homeopathic treatment

People around the world search and treatment of Uric acid, and search uric acid diet, uric acid ka ilaj in hindi, uric acid ka desi ilaj in hindi and uric acid ka ilaj in urdu, uric acid ka homeopathic ilaj and herbal treatment in urdu without any side effect, uric acid ilaj agha and its symptoms uric acid urdu language and uric acid ka parhez all in one at UrduTotkay dot com.





Open Blocked Heart Veins

Open blocked heart veins in urdu, Heart Attack and Blocked Veins: If you and your family member or friend are any disease blocked heart veins, there is one and only solution of this dangerous disease which was prescribed by Moulana Allah Wasaya, this prescription is very easy and simple and affordable

This herbal treatment is opened all odd your blocked heart veins and it will even avoid by-pass surgery which is very expensive and not affordable for majority of the  people around the world.

heartThese five things are easily available in the market, Just take
* One cup of Lemon Juice
* One cup of Ginger Juice
* One cup of Garlic Juice
* One cup of Apple Vinegar
* Three Cups of Honey

Just Mix these four cups of juice, then boil of slow heat when it reduced up-to three cups, when it cooled then mixed three cups of Honey and mixed it well, Take this liquid early morning before taking anything just three tablespoon. INSHALLAH all blocked veins will cleared instantly within few days.

heart urdu totkay

Avoid Plastic Crockery

Doctors Advice about Plastic crockery like Plates, cups, and other plastic accessories.

* Don’t Use any drink or tea in Plastic crockery like plates, cups,
* Don’t Eat any hot object plastic kit
* Don’t Use plastic crockery in Microwave Oven

plastic platesEven in American Doctor’s Association warn the Public to avoid eating in plastic containers, plates, cups and other daily plastic crockery because it have a high level of chemicals

Because it have a chemical which produces more than 52 types of cancer

urdu totkay for health

Avoid usage of all plastic accessories because it have a chemical which affect your health and circulated in your body.




Cold Drinks

Cold drink are commonly used in entire world but these cola drinks are not suitable for all human being, there are many research and informed that these cold drinks are have a lot of diseases. If your children are often drink soft drinks like as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, then you know that these cold drink cause heart disease, diabetes are effected your body. A well known British newspaper “Mail Online” in the UK, GULP-Give up Loving Pop campaign has been launched which aims to attract people to leave the soft drinks.
pepsi-cokeMost of the herbalist and doctors told that avoid cold drink or cola drink and forming chickens they not only suitable for your health and even create un-natural growth they further told that the Government agencies have launched a campaign to help the NHS cola drinks like tobacco addiction took hold of the human being affected the heart, liver and gastrointestinal diseases on one hand and the  Fats (Mutapha) and dental and bone diseases. There are many latest research that the  drinking a cola cans also affect the heart attack.
In almost all the developed countries  Coca-Cola and Pepsi are not accessible in tuck shop for the tourists or visitors

 cold drink

Avoid all types of cold drink, especially cola drinks and use juices and discourage cola drink like coca-cola and pepsi.

Health Tips for Gastric problem

Urdu Totkay for gas, or health tips for gas trouble is very common disease in now-a-days. Gas trouble is related to stomach problem, there are many treatment of gas, First control your diet with normal food avoid oily and chili food and control the constipation because amin cause of gas is constipation,
gas trouble in urduGuava is also control you stomach and eating evening and morning with some black salt if you have a blood pressure then avoid salt and used it without salt. Second orange juice can also control gas problem or gas trouble. Used of Carrot, cumin, black pepper can also control on gas, mint leave with green tea can also reduce gas and other disease in stomach.
There are many herbal treatment for gas trouble Just take some kalonji with water will control gas in stomach.
People use home tips for gas trouble and its tips to avoid gas trouble, gas trouble symptoms, and home remedies for gas trouble, gas trouble wiki, and gas trouble medicine usage of daily yoga for gas trouble also control it, gas trouble during pregnancy create a lot of problems, so use Isphagol with olive oil regularly reduce gas and constipation instantly.

gas problem in stomach in urdu
Guava Leaves is also very effective for Gas / Gastric trouble, Just boiled the leaves in water and take its juice twice a day, its magic and your gas/gastro problem now resolved.
Some home remedies for gas is using baking soda 1/2 table spoon with one glass of water can relief instantly. Gas problem in stomach in Urdu, We provide gastric problem solution tips, and its tips to reduce gastric problem its best solution for gastric problem, home solution for gastric problem, how to control and solution for gastric problem in pregnancy, its gastric problem solution in Ayurveda gastric problem solution in Hindi and  in Tamil, and how to solve gastric problem. people around the search how to control and take relief in Gastric problem There are many types of gas like gastric problem in Urdu and stomach problems in Urdu, health tips for gastric problems in Urdu

its stomach problems treatment in Urdu and stomach problems gas in Urdu and latest info stomach diseases in Urdu language
home remedies gastric problem and new research and gastric problem symptoms, gastric problem chest pain in  gastric problem in Urdu, stomach problems in Urdu through gas and health tips for gastric problems in Urdu.



Kids Care Tips

Kids Care Tips, Kids Care Tips in Urdu is very important for all kids from new born to age of 10-15, there are many care tips for all these ages.
For New born feed only by mother after one to two hours, and don’t use any other thing upto six months, don’t use nipple because it not only create bictria and its also deshape baby mouth as well, Feed baby via mother and avoid any other milk, if it is not possible use only goat, cow milk, it can create gas troubble for kids and feed mother.

kids care tips in urduThere are many herbal and home made tips and totkay for kids which are used daily on every house like COLIC Drops and gripe water for regularise and normal their stomach problems. Don’t use any sleeping syrup it can damage for kids sharpness IQ and effect brains.

kids care tips urdutotkaydotcom