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Beauty Tips

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Urdu Totkay

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Beauty Tips for Skin Care

Beauty Tips for Skin; There are many beauty tips for skin whitening in homemade remedies and beauty tips for skin whitening
skin care tips and natural beauty skin care tips for all human.

beauty tips for skin careCare of your is very important first of all you must know about your skin is it dry, oily, dark shed or normal, then you start its treatment
Proper diet for your body is most important and sleeping habits must be proper, if you don’t complete your sleeping at night then a dark shed around your eye appears
You must take best face wash for you even for men they must use proper face wash and avoid direct sun light on face, avoid smoking and take at-least 8 glass of water daily.
Use different mask for your skin and go to exercise daily, even your skin after this beauty tips for skin can glow and beauty tips for skin tightening can safe your skin for ever.
Beauty tips for face and skin, you can also read beauty tips for skin in urdu for your care and its modern techniques with old Totkay for skin care.

beauty tips for skin care in urdu new

Most of the people especially women know about the Beauty tips for skin and beauty tips for skin care its beauty and beauty treatments for skin care its natural beauty skin care tips and tricks or natural skin care tips, natural beauty tips for oily skin, there are many skincaretips and how to take care of skin at home if you have an skincare for oily skin and remedies for homemade face wash for oily skin, urdu totkay and beauty tips for skin care in urdu  beauty skin and beautiful sparkling skin care tips in urdu, face beauty tips in urdu for men and women and desi tips for glowing skin in urdu modern techinques in urdu, beauty tips for face whitening in urdu, beauty tips in urdu for face pimples for all girls and boys, beauty tips in urdu for hands, foot care, beauty tips for men face in urdu, beauty tips in urdu for hair, face and all body.

Beauty Tips for removing wrinkles | Urdu Totkay for removing wrinkles

Beauty Tips for removing wrinkles Or Urdu Totkay for removing wrinkles:

There are many beauty Tips or Urdu Totkay for removing wrinkles on face, we provide all best ways to remove wrinkle and early ageing.
wrinckles remove in urduIts occurs due to ageing, dry skin and commonly stress. Just simple way to overcome this situation Mixed milk cream with few drop of lemon and apply on your face and massage gently.Its usually paste on night or paste it upto one hour and wash it and use daily especially at nigh within few days you see a best result.
There are many other ways to maintain your skin like vitamin B, usage of meat, wheat and egg on your daily life. Multi vitamins are also helpful for you skin and green vegetables and fresh fruit can reduce wrinkles. urdu totkay for remove wrinkles

wrinckles remove

There are many beauty tips remove wrinkles and home beauty tips for wrinkles and its natural beauty tips for wrinkles its tips to remove wrinkles from face and control it and tips to get rid of wrinkles naturally, Wrinkles on face in Urdu is also added in this post.

Beauty Tips | Urdu Totkay for White hair

Beauty Tips for White hair or Urdu Totkay for White hair: White hair is a main problem now-a-days even youth, early whiting of hair is also very common and all men and women are very conscious about white hair. Desi Urdu Totka: Make a mixture of Sakai, Dall Mash and mathi, and wash your hair with this and your early age hair whiting will be stopped and your hair are more strong.

beauty tips for white hairsSecondly an Almond oil and sesame seed will also reduce and even stop hair whiting, just mix these two ingredients and paste on your hair upto 15 minutes and wash after 15 minutes after few days your hair will be converted to black and strong, There are many other white hair remedies, you must remove dandruff on your hair just take 4 spoon yogurt and egg white and oil will also reduce hair whiting, and grow new hairs and strong.urdu-totkay-beauty-tips-for-white-hairs
Beauty tips for white hair, urdu totkay for white hair and desi totkay for white hair and there are the white hair and beauty company
hair and beauty white water, all men and women need to control white hair man and beauty, white hollow hair and beauty
beauty tips for white teeth, beauty tips to become white hair to black, question are why are the tips of my hair white its very simple just follow above steps and tips of hair turning white in few days


Beauty Tips for Facial

Facial Tips in Urdu, Urdu Tokay for Facial: Facial is commonly used both men and women in sub-continent, Lets start homemade facial mask for you. facial tips in urduMost of the women know that with the passage of time your skin may damage and wrinkle appears on your face. To control the affects on your skin you must use facial.
Firstly wash your face before facial, with any face wash or rose water, secondly boil water and use steam for you face to clean your face, use One liter water, boil it with open pot and take long breath , its easy to use scrub, just make mixture of sugar with olive oil and paste it on your face gently.
Thirdly use mask with face cream and with few drops of lavender oil and mix it and paste on your face. if your skin is oily then use egg white and paste on your face and wait upto 15 minutes. Then use toner after mask, its very easy just use few drop of lemon with water and wash you face. Repeat facial only once in a month will maintain your face beauty and safe your skin.

There are many beauty tips for facial, beauty tips for facial hair, beauty tips for facial skin, and its desi techniques and tips for beautiful face facial beauty tips homemade, beauty tips for face pimples and remedies, and how to glow your face beauty tips for face glow, There are also many beauty tips for face in Hindi and beauty tips for face in Tamil and beauty tips in Urdu for your convenience.

facial urdu tips

Beauty Tips for facial, Urdu Totkay for Facial, Beauty Tips for facial in Urdu, Urdu Totkay for Facial in Urdu,

Beauty Tips for Men

Skin Care Tips for Men, Beauty Tips for men, Every human being need to be look beautiful at any age regards less he is a man or women, Beauty Tips for Men in Urdu also desire for men also and they find different tips or Urdu Totkay for care they body especially the face and then they search different totkay or tips for their skin. Most of the men worked outside and worked in direct sun light especially in summer so he must need a sun protection like any cream for their face.

skin care urdutotkaydotcomLike women, men also very conscious for their skin and need some protection, especially for those who don’t have fair complexion, so they find different totkay and tips from Magazine or internet, newspapers and now on TV advertisement they use these product but nothing happened even some time they even loose there previous face complexion as well.
then they find and search homemade beauty tips, natural beauty tips for men, and health and beauty tips for men in different means. provide homemade or herbal tips and totkay for men. Beauty tips for men in urdu and english.

beuaty tips skin care for men urdutotkaydotcom


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Hair fall Tips in Urdu

Hair fall Tips in Urdu or Urdu Totkay for hair fall: A recent research indicates that every human being daily hair fall around 60 to 100 hair daily, if you notice that this ration is higher than 100 then you need a hair fall tip or totkay for you. Otherwise leave it, its normal and you donot need any tip or trick for these hair redimies.

hair fall tips in urdu urdutotkaydotcomFew simple steps to prevent hair fall, first mixture of oil use olive, coconut and canola and warm it normal and massage with these oil can reduce the hail fall ramidy. Use daily this message with almond oil. Different newspaper, Tv Channels and magzines also attracted all people especailly for men to stop hair fall within few days or one to three days and offers huge amount for this treatment, so be aware that all these so called experts can not stop or reduce your hair fall in fews hours or one week its a continuous care and treatment especially herbal or home made totkay for hair fall without any side effects. So prefer to use herbal or normal hair oil without any camical .


hair fall tips in urdu new urdutotkaydotcom
People around the world need how to control hail fall not only women, majority for men are vary Hair fall tips in urdu hair fall tips in Urdu and its  hair beauty tips in urdu, all men and women need tips for long hair in urdu and its solution in urdu, they directly want any hair expert for hair loss treatment in urdu via  mustard oil urdu, they use different hair fall shampoo, hair fall tips in urdu, urdu totkay for hair fall and its hair fall home remedies, hair fall tips in tamil and hair fall control, hair fall tips in hindi, hair fall tips for men and women, hair fall tips homemade and totkay foto reduce their hairs at  hair fall tips at home, and its trick for anti hair fall tips, hair fall control tips, how to reduce hair fall for girls and its tips to stop hair fall hair fall tips for men, hair fall tips for men in urdu, and how to control their long and dark hair and hair fall control tips for men, tips to reduce hair fall for men, They contact and search to hair regrowth products for men its  thinning hair, thinning hair remedies, they prefer to search best hair loss treatment for men and hair loss products for men, hair fall tips for women in urdu and english.

Beauty Tips for Eye Care

Eyes are the main part of human being and its a part of Beauty Tips, we update latest tips for eye care how to clean and maintain your eyes and home made Totkay about caring remedies, dark circles its diseases or Tips in Urdu and English.
eye-care-tips-in urduIn summer if your eye are sensitive you must take sun glass to save your eye as well as your skin for direct sun light, and clean your face with water and regularly and use any cold cream, the best care cream especially at night.
Vegetable are very important for eye care especially those have a vitamin C, so use cucumber for your eye care for about 10-15 minutes, your eye are  relax for this practice.

eye care urdutotkaydotcom

There are many Tips and tricks or Totkay in for eye care like beauty tips for eyes care, eye care tips for beautiful eyes, beauty tips for brown eyes, beauty tips for blue eyes, eyes care tips in hindi, eye care tips for computer users, natural eye care tips, eye care tips for children, eye care tips, eye care tips in urdu,



Hands and Nail Care

Hands and Nail Care are very important for all especially for women, almost all the countries of the world Hands and Nail Care are the basics of Beauty Tips.
hand n nail1Most of the Beauty experts are started Beauty care from hands and nails, hands and nails first of all wash your hand and then remove nay nail polish from any cheap or normal nail polish remover if you are cutting, edging and caring your nail then take a bowl and use fresh lemon juice and dip for at-least five (5) minutes, clean with soft cloth then use any lotion and cover your hands for five to ten minitus , Now you can see beautiful hands and nails, take care of your hands and nails, you see healthy and beautiful and fresh hands and nails


hands n nail care urdutotkaydotcom

Tips for Long Hair

Tips for long hair: Long hair is dream of every human being especially for girl, women, they search and discuss their friends and fellows how to grow long hair. Today in media era every company encouraged its viewers in TV, Internet, radio and newspapers to use their products, whether it is suitable for your hair or not.
tips for long hair urdutotkay dot comDifferent advertisements in TV, Internet and newspapers about long hairs in 10 days or one week to attract the people without any expert opinion by any beautician.
We just suggest some tips for long hair, first of all care about your hair and its cutting, setting and edging of your hair, if your hair are straight then its easy to set and care but its wavy then more steps are taken for your hair like use any oil without mentioning its name any oil to remove the rankles or wavy for your hair
Secondly trim your hair ends if your hair are thinner then trim after one month only the ends and use any oil for every week.
Thirdly use wooden con for hair and avoid any metal or plastic brushes .

Fourthly Nourishment if the hair are dry use yoghurt and use any dry hair shampoo and change it when it ends and use different company shampoo for your hair and don’t rub your hair with towel.
Last but no the least a healthy diet is also part of your hair for long hair and use vitamins, minerals and iron and vegetables like fish, green vegetable and milk and fruit in your daily life.
tips for long hair 2 urdutotkay dot com


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urdu totkay for dry hair

Special Urdu Totkay for Dry Hair, or Damage hair for man and women. Urdu Totkay for Dry hair , just read this article and you can find the best beauty tips for how to reduce the dryness of your hairs, and dry hair to long and soft hairs.



Skin Care Tips

Skin Problems: Now a days skin problem is very common both in women and men, everyone want to protect his/her skin. The main reason for skin is that you must protect your skin direct sun light, you must use sun screen cream but be careful that you must select or use a natural or less chemical cream for your skin, because different creams with high chemical ingredients damage your skin, first of all you must contact your skin specialist before using any cream. skincareSecondly there are many Urdu totkay or desi totkay or natural creams for your skin first use these tips or totkay, for you help we also guide you how o protect your skin in Urdu as well as in English. All natural or desi totkay have some lemon juice and glasreen which is a natural protector for your skin especially when you are at work or bazaar.




skin tips new


Skin Care Tips are very important in winter and summer and these tips or totkay are different in every season. skin care tips for oily skin, dry skin care tips, beauty tips, natural skin care tips, hair care tips, skin care tips for men, make up tips, winter skin care tips, skin care tips for men in urdu,These tips trick and totkay are used in our daily life skin care tips for men in hindi, oily skin care tips in urdu, skin care tips for men at home, skin care tips for men in tamil, skin care tips for men acne, natural skin care tips for men, oily skin care tips for men, face skin care tips for men,