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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips: UrduTotkay provide you the best home made Totkay for your daily life, even beauty tips in Urdu and English as well. First of all you can select your skin whether its dry, oily, reddish, or any other kin problem More »

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Cooking Recipes

Recipes are very common in our daily life for both cooking and herbal recipes which were made for your own for cooking as well as for your health More »

Health Care

Health Care

A piece of paper angled just so can slice right through the skin of your hand and make you wince at the sting of a paper cut. More »

Health Tips

Health Tips

Teeth care is very important for all human being and its treatment of teeth is also very expensive around the world, so be careful about your teeth and your family teeth, More »

Urdu Totkay

Urdu Totkay

Urdu ( اردو ٹوٹکے ) provide one and only platform for all kinds of Totkay like Urdu Totkay, Health Totkay, Beauty Totkay, Cooking Totkay, Desi Totkay, Local Totkay, Gharelo Totkay, Natural Totkay including Tips and Tricks of these Totkay More »


Jaundice Yarkan ka Ilaj in Urdu

UrduTotkay dot com provide Jaundice/Yarkan or Yarqan symptoms and its treatment, its tokay and herbal tips in Urdu

yarkan ki ilajOur team search latest and easy tokay, tips and treatment for you which are easily available in your home or near market.

You must consult your doctor for Hepatitis / Yarkan treatment and ask about tips and tokay you are using.

Here are some easy Tokay and tips in Urdu for you

Just take one (1) Tola Turmeric (Haldi) powder and mixed it with almost 100 gram yogurt (Dai) and take it for few days will reduce the disease very quickly.


In local  language its is alos now as peela or pelia peela yarkan ka ilaj in urdu which are very common in newly born babies.

Kala yarkan and its types and kala yarkan ka desi ilaj, (know as Hepatitis  C) yellow Yarkan, are commonly used in our society.

People around the world also search it on net as  yarkan ka ilaj, yellow yarqan, yarkan ka ilaj tib e nabvi sa, or Quran sa and used these tips and dua as per their elders.

Hepatitis Yarkan ka ilaj

Hepatitis or Yarkan  is a common disease mostly in developing countries where water is contaminated because water is main reason in hepatitis or yarkan.
People around the world need hepatitis or  yarkan ka ilaj and its solution. provides easy and affordable treatment for this disease.  Its treatment are very simple and at the time which things are avoid means yarkan ka parhez, and its hapititus septum’s (yarkan ki alamat) and herbal treatment or kala yarkan ka desi ilaj and yarkan ka ilaj in urdu. There are many Dua for this disease like yarkan ka ilaj tib e nabvi and kala yarkan ka quran main ilaj or  kala yarkan ka ilaj quran se and yarkan ki dua

If you think there is any spiritual man around you then must consult it for Dam or dua for this.

yarkan ka urdutotkaydotcom

Hepatitis (also known as Yarkan) with A-B and C are viral infections which are infected liver and if diagnosed it can be lethal  and no treatment in late stages.Its virus infected  liver and damage  liver cells. So if you and your friends or family members are effected this disease so start your treatment as soon as possible.

Mouth Freshener Tips in Urdu

Tips and Remedies for Mouth Freshener
Most of the people have a mouth freshener problem and avoid discussing or talking to friends and family members, they even used tulsi and other medicated and mouth freshener to avoid mouth smell and loose self-confidence.
The main cause of this bad smell is due to irregularity of your stomach which create a breathing problem and embarrassment when have any meeting with colleagues, friends  and even your family members especially your life partner.urdu totkay dot com  mouth freshener
Urdu Totkay dot com provide easy and affordable solutions for you
Just take few tulsi leaves and eat it or take tusli leave water, this plant is easily available in almost all the nurseries. Niem leaves are also suitable for mouth smell just boil these leaves and mouth

urdu totkay for mouth freshener

These are the Urdu Totkay dot com Tips for bad breath and bad breath home remedies in urdu and its solutions natural bad breath remedies, moun ki badboo door karne k totkay, bad mouth smell in urdu for you


Uric Acid Totkay in Urdu

Uric Acid Totkay: Uric Acid is very common now a days especially in women, people around the globe search totkay for uric acid and its solution, UrduTotkay dot com search and provide best totkay for you


uric acid ki ilaj
This is very easy and simple totka for uric acid, joint pain, high blood pressure, and stomach problem, all these things are easily available in almost all in your daily life.
Read it carefully and when you are satisfied for this totka share it with your dear ones

People likely search it as uric acid treatment in urdu and the diet uric acid control diet in urdu

uric acid diet in Urdu and English, uric acid in urdu language

and uric acid test and its detail like uric acid detail in urdu, its meaning like uric acid meaning in urdu

and uric acid ki alamat in urdu

They have one and only solution i.e this desi totka or tips in Urdu or herbal and homeopathic treatment

People around the world search and treatment of Uric acid, and search uric acid diet, uric acid ka ilaj in hindi, uric acid ka desi ilaj in hindi and uric acid ka ilaj in urdu, uric acid ka homeopathic ilaj and herbal treatment in urdu without any side effect, uric acid ilaj agha and its symptoms uric acid urdu language and uric acid ka parhez all in one at UrduTotkay dot com.





Open Blocked Heart Veins

Open blocked heart veins in urdu, Heart Attack and Blocked Veins: If you and your family member or friend are any disease blocked heart veins, there is one and only solution of this dangerous disease which was prescribed by Moulana Allah Wasaya, this prescription is very easy and simple and affordable

This herbal treatment is opened all odd your blocked heart veins and it will even avoid by-pass surgery which is very expensive and not affordable for majority of the  people around the world.

heartThese five things are easily available in the market, Just take
* One cup of Lemon Juice
* One cup of Ginger Juice
* One cup of Garlic Juice
* One cup of Apple Vinegar
* Three Cups of Honey

Just Mix these four cups of juice, then boil of slow heat when it reduced up-to three cups, when it cooled then mixed three cups of Honey and mixed it well, Take this liquid early morning before taking anything just three tablespoon. INSHALLAH all blocked veins will cleared instantly within few days.

heart urdu totkay

Mole on Face

Mole(Til) تِل on Face: There are two types of Moles, one are permanent and second is temporary and removable, People in entire world especially in Sub-continent have a temporary mole and they want to remove it, these are small and dark cell which are look ugly on face. We update latest in tips and totkay for removal of mole on face vary easily.

mole on faceFirst and easy remedy of mole on face is just paste honey on your face and leave it for about half hour early in the morning and repeat for about 15-20 days and you face is clean and glow with honey
Secondly take some or a half spoon baking soda and mix with castor oil and make a thick paste, which is easy and available in the market, paste on to moles and leave it for few hour or a night after 15-20 days your moles on face are permanently removed without any side effects.
mole face
Thirdly, take apple vinegar and paste on the mole about 1-2 time daily and within 15-20 days as per your skin your mole will be removed and your face is clean and clear.
Mole on face or mole on body are very common not for women even in mole on face of men and all men and women are searching desi totaky and tips and mole on face removal home remedy  Its easy way to mole removal we update mole on face removal in Urdu and English and in Hindi as well, there are some white mole on face but its remedies are same and we update the latest remedies for mole on face.


Face Hair Removal

Almost all the women need to remove hair form their face, they used different types of treatment with some herbal and some other Desi or Urdu Totkay, here we share some of its remedies for removing hair from your face.

Most of the women used different creams for removing hair, some with shaving hairs, and some desi and Urdu Totkay, we start it from herbal and easy way

face hair removalJust take some lemon juice 10 ml or 5-10 lemons with mixtures of sugar extra 5 times and add water 5 time more and mixed it and apply on your face and leave it about 15 minutes and wash with cold water and repeat it once in a week you can see speedy improvement for removing the face hair

Secondly home made facial mask same with lemon juice 10 with 150 ml water and 30 gm of flour and mix and apply on your face wait for 15 minutes  scrub your face it can remove hair easily.

Thirdly mixture of Haldi and Basen is also remove hair from your face just mixed thick and apply on your skin and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with cold water.


Tips for Pimples

There are many creams available in Market for removing pimples, but these creams have heavy chemicals which affected your skin so you must use natural or herbal solution for these pimples.

tips for pimples

First of all pimples and acne remedy is very simple

First and most affected treatment is Aleo vera Just paste Aleo Vera gel on your face daily for morning and evening and you can see a magic treatment for pimple and acne spot instantly not in a months but just on few days. Fresh aelo vera is available in market and you can use any time. Usage or taking 2 spoons  Aelo Vera  also very affected for your inner body.
Second just make a tablespoon of honey with same quantity of yogurt and make a paste and apply this paste on all your face or affected skin and wait overnight, at morning wash your face with any face wash avoid soap for just few days all of your pimples are removed and soften your skin as well.
Third Tip for pimple is use cucumber (ےکھیر)or its juice as well, paste cucumber juice in your affected skin and its is also a treatment for acne as well, even you must eat when available also affect your skin soft and healthy.

There are many tips pimples forever tips urdu and acne tips urdu and its pimples treatment urdu, there are many totkay for pimples in urdu and its herbal or dasi allaj or treatment for pimple remove tips in urdu and get rid of acne and pimples forever and other herbal treatment which remove all pimple very easily within a few days. Women especially Girls and teenager search the acne treatment in urdu and remove acne urdu on Internet then they found a lot of artificial creams available on net

Avoid Plastic Crockery

Doctors Advice about Plastic crockery like Plates, cups, and other plastic accessories.

* Don’t Use any drink or tea in Plastic crockery like plates, cups,
* Don’t Eat any hot object plastic kit
* Don’t Use plastic crockery in Microwave Oven

plastic platesEven in American Doctor’s Association warn the Public to avoid eating in plastic containers, plates, cups and other daily plastic crockery because it have a high level of chemicals

Because it have a chemical which produces more than 52 types of cancer

urdu totkay for health

Avoid usage of all plastic accessories because it have a chemical which affect your health and circulated in your body.




Tips for Fresh Skin

London (News Desk) Every human being especially  women want their skin fresh and requires soft skin and its their desire to look different from all other women even in teen age and girls as well , Just following  few simple skin shiny tips would be able to look fresh and shiny skin for ever. There are some important Tips and Totkay for your skinfresh skin

* Carrying out different fruits and well Grind or crush it and apply to your skin which will make your skin very clean and shiny.
* Take one part of lemon juice, and same part of rose water and a four part of cool water  and Use regularly  spray on your face on it and you get beautiful skin instantly.
* Take two tablespoons Multani mud (Multani Matti) and half teaspoon of sandal wood powder mixed with  two spoon and paste like a mask, dry, and wait for dry and last wash with fresh water and have beautiful skin.
* Potato Head out face to face markings or spot are removed very quickly.

These are the just very simple and easy home remedies for fresh skin and skin care tips in urdu.

Beauty tips in urdu for glowing skin and white skin tips in urdu and its fresh skin and skin tightening tips in urdu and oily skin tips in urdu its skin tips in urdu video in skin tips in urdu dailymotion and dry skin tips in urdu and last skin tips in urdu language

تروتازہ اور شفاف جلد کی خواہش سب کی ہوتی ہے۔آئیے آپ کو چند آسان طریقے بتاتے ہیں جن پر عمل کرکے آپ چمکدار اور شفاف جلد پا سکیں گے۔

مختلف پھلوں کو لے کر اچھی طرح پیس لیں او ر انہیں جلد پر لگائیں جس سے آپ کی جلد بہت شفاف اور چمکدار ہوجائے گی۔
ایک حصہ لیموں کا رس،ایک حصہ عرق گلاب اور چار حصے ٹھنڈا پانی لیں۔ باقاعدگی سے اسے روز اپنے چہرے پر چھڑکیں اور خوبصورت جلد حاصل کریں۔
دو کھانے کے چمچ ملتانی مٹی لیں اور اس میں نصف چمچ صندل کا پاﺅڈرڈالیں اور پھر دو چمچ عرق گلاب ملا کرچہرے پر ماسک کی طرح لگا کر چھوڑ دیں،خشک ہونے پر تازہ پانی سے دھو لیں اور خوبصورت جلد پائیں۔
آلو کا سر نکال کر چہرے پر لگانے سے چہرے کے نشانات ختم ہوجاتے ہیں۔