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Beauty Tips

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Cooking Recipes

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Health Care

Health Care

A piece of paper angled just so can slice right through the skin of your hand and make you wince at the sting of a paper cut. More »

Health Tips

Health Tips

Teeth care is very important for all human being and its treatment of teeth is also very expensive around the world, so be careful about your teeth and your family teeth, More »

Urdu Totkay

Urdu Totkay

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Nazla Zukam ka ilaj in Urdu

Nazlla aur zukaam ka asaan illag (Flu)

Nazla Zukam ka ilaj in Urdu

Aik glass garam pani mai ak chamach sahid

Aur ak chamach adrak ka ras

shamil kr k din mai do bar istemaal Karen

Easy and quick home remedy for flu

One table spoon of honey and one table spoon of ginger juice mix in one glass of warm water and drink it twice or thrice a day.

It is also used for kids but quantity for kids as per their age just half table spoon for five year age or more and twice in a day.
But be aware its just a totka for emergency use only however you must consult for your doctor first.


Sugar main Cause of Fatness in Urdu

Avoid Sugar because it is main cause of different diseases like cancer, heart diseases and stroke, In a latest research main cause of fatness and those who ate gaining weight must immediately avoid or stop eating sugar in your daily life.

Most the people think that oil or oily diet are the main cause but the sugar is no one cause of fatness. Sugar is also known as a white poison.

 When you are eating then prefer salads, vegetable, and vegetable  dishes, meats and seafood, take brown rice instead of white rice in your daily life and take almost twelve (12-14) glass water per day in your daily life. Exercise is must and 20-30 minutes walk every day to avoid fatness in your life.

Facial & Blackheads home made Tips

Facial Home made Totkay Tips, There are many tips and totkay for facial but most are very expensive and not affordable for all people, today in this article we provide easy, simple and affordable totkay for facial, with all things which are available in your kitchen.

Just take three spoon tomato juice and add two table spoon milk cream (fresh milk or in pack) which is available in the market, add one table spoon lemon. 

Mix all these items and apply or paste on tour face wait for 10-15 minutes and  wash with normal water, this totka is also remove your blackheads very quickly and your face will glow and shine within few minutes, if you are using this tips for blackheads then apply or use up-to one week you will find beautiful and shine face instantly.

Aankhon ki nazar ka urdu totka

There are many totkay for eyes, but these are very expensive and people didn’t afford, Urdu totkay dot com provide easy, affordable and local market availablity
Just take Hareer ka murabba with any panshar or any store or shop, and almonds (Badam) , both half kilo mixed it and take one table spoon early in the morning. After few weeks you take a lot of difference in your eye side.

This totka is best for nazar ki kamzori ka desi ilaj in urdu amd its nazar ki kamzori ki alamat
People search nazar ki kamzori ka wazifa and its solution and door ki nazar ka ilaj and nazar taiz karne ka tarika, its ilaj in urdu nazar tez karne ka tarika in urdu and nazar ki kamzori ka rohani ilaj

Ghutno ka dard ka Desi ilaj

Ghutno ka dard ka Desi ilaj or Joint Pain, there are many tips and totkay for joint pain, UrduTotkay dot com provide you easy available prodcuts in market and affordable things.
joint pain is very common especially the women at old age. Doctors and Hakeem prescribe the exercise for joint pain. However people search ghutno ki kamzori ka ilaj and ghutno ka pani
knee pain ka desi ilaj or herbal ilaj and joint pain joron ka dard ka ilaj in urdu, or ghutne ke dard ka ilaj in urdu or its solution in joron k dard ka oil.

گھٹنوں کے درد کا پرانا، آزمودہ نسخہ(صرف بیرونی استعمال کیلئے)
اگر آپ یا آپ کا کوئی دوست یا فیملی کا فرد گھٹنوں کے درد میں مبتلا ہے۔ تواس نسخہ کو تقریباایک ما ہ کے استعمال سے گھٹنوں کے دردختم ہو جائے گا۔
اگر آپ کے گھٹنوں کا آپریشن ہو چکا ہے تو اس نسخہ کو تین ماہ تک استعمال کریں۔ (اُردو ٹوٹکے ڈاٹ کام)
۱ : ( ایک چمچ ہلدی ( چائے کا چمچ))
۲: (ایک چمچ شہد ( چائے کا چمچ) )
۳۔( ایک چٹکی چونا (ایک چوتھائیچائے کا چمچ) )
ان تمام اشیاء کو اچھی طرح مکس کر کے اسکا پیسٹ بنا لیں۔ اگر پیسٹ زیادہ گھاڑا ہو جائے تو اس میں تھوڑا سا پانی یا دودھ ملا لیں۔
طریقہ استعمال: اس پیسٹ سے گھٹنوں کا تقریبا‘ دس سے پندرہ منٹ تک مساج کریں او راس پر گرم پٹی یا کپڑے سے رات بھر باندھ دیں۔اور پنکھے یا ہوا سے دوررکھیں۔
صبح اسے نیم گرم پانی سے دھو لیں۔ایک ہفتہ میں درد میں میں کمی ہو جائے گئی۔
پرہیز: اپنے وزن کو کنٹرول کریں۔ گھی وآئل کم استعمال کریں۔ نمک، مرچ، آلو وبادی اشیاء سے پرہیز کریں۔
نوٹ: یہ نسخہ صرف بیرونی استعمال کیلئے ہے ۔

(اُردو ٹوٹکے ڈاٹ کام)

Just take one spoon of Turmeric (Haldi)
one take spoon of Honey and 1/4 take spoon of choona or Chuna (Lime Stone)
mixed all these and make a soft paste if its very thick then add some water.
Usage: Take this paste and massage on your knee upto 10 to 15 minutes and cover wit warm cloth and wait for night and wash it with normal water at morning
Avoid all type of junk food especially oil and specie thinks.
Note: This totka is for external use only.

Hath Paon ki Jalan ka ilaj (Burning Hands & Feet)

There are many totkay, tips and herbal solution or remedy for burning feet and hands (hath paon ki jalan ka ilaj)
UrduTotkay dot com provide you easy and afforable totkay for you, and its incredients which are easily available in your kitchen or in local market.
It is very painful for those who are affected burning feet and hands and they search on net pairo me jalan ka ilaj,
There are many reason for this like liver problem or nervous system problem, we provide easy and simple remedy for you, just take one spoon of fresh butter and mix it same quantity of Masri, mix it well and take one tea spoon in morning.
Use this totkay for about 3-4 weeks and you see the positive results.

The patients of this search paon ki jalan ki wajohat and foot/feet ki jalan ka ilaj and hath aur paon ka jalna
hath/hathon ki jalan ka ilaj. There are many other totkay and tips for burning hands and feet but they have many herbal thing which are very difficult or not easily available in market. we updated latest and easy to use totkay or things which are already available in your kitchen.

Allergy totkay in urdu

Allergy is now a days common problem in our society, there are many allergies like skin, dust, food, blood, drug, asthma, sinus allergies.
There are many treatments, tips, and totkay of allergy as per your body and disease.
Before taking any allery medicine, tips, herbal or skin allergy you must check or test on your arm and any other part of your body, don’t use any totka on your face or hand.
Urdu Totkay dot com provide easy, affordable and simple Urdu totkay for you.

Treatment: Take bari illachi for about 50 grams and crushed its seeds and take 1/4 of table spoon with honey for about four weeks and you can find a decease of allergy like pollen and asthma allergy.

الرجی کا آسان اور سستا علاج
( بڑی الائچی جو ہر گھر میں موجود ہوتی ہے تقریباٰ ایک چھٹانک لے لیں اور اس کے دانے نکال کر باریک پیس لیں
(طریقہ استعمال: رات کو ایک چمچ شہد میں تقریباآدھاماشہ بڑی الائچی کا پاوڈر ملا کر لینے سے سانس و پولن الرجی کافی حدتک کم ہو جائے گی۔

People around the world search the treatment and control of basic allergies like dust, skin, pollen, and other parts of body and its easy and simple treatment and illaj. Allergy ka illaj and its simple treatment and skin allergy treatment at home in urdu other allergies like dust allergy treatment at home in urdu
skin allergy ka ilaj in urdu and we also update the allergy ka ilaj video only on Urdu Totkay dot com.

Hair Removing Totkay in Urdu

There are many tips and totkay for hair removal, or unwanted hair removal tips and totkay but Urdu Totkay dot com provide tested and old tips and totkay for you. Mostly women are very conscious about hair removal especially for face and different parts of your body.
In latest era different hair removing creams and spray are available in market but when you use these products it worked but you stop using same problem occurred, secondly they have a lot of side effects in your body.
In these old and Azmuda totkay you can remove hair and safe your skin as smooth and silky as well.
People especially women are searching and want easy and effective remedy for hair removal and most of the pages and websites have posted costly and unavailable herbal thinks which even not pronounce nor available in market. so we post most effective and easy to use, cheap and easy available in market or available in your kitchen as well.
Body hair removal tips in urdu, unwanted hair removal are most common words for searching on internet. Tips for hair removing permanently in few days only on

Ghutno Ka Dard | Joint Pain

Joint Pain or Ghatonay ka dard/ joroun ka dard is common almost all age of human especially in elders, so people search the remedies of joint pain, and there are many totkay for this but we provide easy and simple.

Ghutno ka Dard ka ilaj in urdu or Knee Pain redemies, there are many tips and urdu totkay for  ghutno ka dard or knee pain, it depends on age and your weight and time and duration of pain.

Aleo vera is the best knee pain relief in entire world and it is used in different herbal tips, just take some or 2 table spoon aelovera pulp and mix with one glass of milk (preferred cow fresh milk) use this totka for about one month and you see the result

Ghutno ka Dard, simple remedies, ghutno ka pani , knee pain ka desi ilaj and its solution, ghutne ke dard ka ilaj in urdu , people also search the ghutno ke dard ka wazifa and joron ka dard ka ilaj in urdu and joron k dard ka oil and its ghutno ki exercise


Kasrat e Peshab ka ilaj

Peshab ki kasrat or Kasrat e Peshab ka ilaj
Now almost every home or family is affected in this disease, they search and consult different treatments for this. We have a herbal or desi urdu tokay for you. Its very simple and easy just take dry Shell of Pomegranate (Anar ka chilka) and crush or grind it and take once in a day.

People search bar bar peshab aane ka ilaj in urdu , it also a treatment of masana ki kamzori ka ilaj in urdu, bar bar peshab ana ki waja and its treatments in Urdu.

Anar ka chilka and anar ka chilka k fawaid and its benefits in urdu and anar ke chilke ka totka, benifits or
anar ka chilka ka faida in urdu